Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some mid-week revelations

Here it is, the middle of the week already. The time has come fast and I've realized some things:

-I discovered that I'm taking part two of German B1. The course guide was really confusing and I wondered why the textbook mentioned part two. I confirmed with a classmate. This is a good thing, since I already did part one, and it also explains why it was a bit more difficult than I had expected. I'm thrilled, though; the next term, I can start B2.

-I have been training staff members at another location. I really enjoy teaching people new things and it's so rewarding when students' eyes light up with delight at learning something new.

-Apparently, I've been living under a rock. I just heard of Hozier, a musician, this week, and am hooked on his music. Parts of it remind me of The Black Keys, maybe Jim Morrison, and a mix of everything else too. I even bought his album, which is something I very rarely would do.

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