Thursday, March 19, 2015

It must be spring in Kaiserslautern

All signs are pointing to the arrival of spring in Kaiserslautern with the following observations:

1. My allergies are making me miserable, more so than my usual baseline. Thank you, flowers and trees. I love how pretty you are but am not happy with your pollen.

2. My favorite ice cream shop, Eiscafe Rialto, has reopened! (review located here) I'm looking forward their delicious treats and the semi-surly demeanor of the proprietor. Okay, I'm only excited about the first part.

3. There are daisies in the lawn at work :) It always makes me smile to see their cheerful little flower faces (full of POLLEN, trying to shorten my life expectancy).

4. The best thing of all has happened: that wonderful glowing orb in the sky has reappeared! It's amazing the difference that having sunlight makes; even though I'm tired from being so busy, I've really gotten a boost from it. It's so nice to drive to and from work in daylight. One doesn't realize just how drab and depressing the cloudy skies of winter are until the sun finally returns in the spring.

Even Mr. Vacuum Cleaner Dude is happy!

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