Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pfennig Basar 2015: Clowns, marionettes, and...marionette clowns?

I love the Pfennig Basar, the annual rummage sale the first weekend in March that's hosted by a local non-profit women's club in Kaiserslautern. It's a huge sale and benefits the community.

At this year's sale, I noticed a theme. It can be a slightly disturbing theme, depending on how one feels: there seemed to be an unusual number of marionettes, clowns dolls, and clown marionettes for sale. I don't know at what point it becomes creepy to see clown dolls, but my threshold is set to one. This year's sale had quite a few; I'm wondering if someone had donated a collection?

Is that a clown parachuting in?
A box of clowns and marionettes
The clowns scared this teddy bear and made him cry.

Though the clown dolls might have given a few people a fright, the rest of the sale was much fun, with many deals to be found and delicious cake to be eaten.

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