Sunday, September 21, 2014

What I've been up to: September 21 ed.

-Met with my German/English partner for practice and dinner. We ate Spätzle and rice with bean sprouts. Hey, it was an international meal!

-When I went home, my other friend stopped over so we could try to figure out the next trip we are going to take. We didn't get too far on finding a good deal but did work on it until midnight. So much for trying to go to bed earlier.

-Took my duvet in to the laundry/dry cleaners. I couldn't find anywhere with a washing machine big enough to wash a thick, king sized comforter so I gave up and paid 25 euros for the cleaners to do it.

-Got a bit too hyped up on sugar at work and decided that the huge piece of packing paper would make a perfect dress, put it on, and paraded this fall's hottest new look around the office catwalk. I was told by my boss that I was not allowed to have any more sugar after that.

-Took part in a pscyholinguistics experiment at the university. It tracks eye movement when reading. I had classes in linguistics, sociolinguistics, and psychology when I was in college, so I found it especially interesting.

-Started my Volkshochschule German class. I have mixed feelings about it; I think that I should have taken the next level class. Of course, it's never bad to practice and review, even if it's at a lower level. I have the same teacher that I had the last time and she's quite good at explaining things even though it's all in German. She is a bit influenced by dialect so I need to be careful to not pick that up.

-Went to a language cafe with friends and did speak some German. I then realized that I was supposed to send out information about an event I was coordinating for the weekend so I stayed up late getting that all together.

-Attended the Bad Dürkheim Wurstfest with a group of friends, had fun because of excellent company but decided the fest itself wasn't for me. With thick crowds, people who kept shoving into me even though everything was jammed up, and witnessing several fights breaking out, I just wasn't feeling that part of the fest.

-Had a nice brunch with a group of friends.

-Was even more exhausted by the end of the week than I've been in the previous weeks.

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