Sunday, September 7, 2014

What expats miss about home: our Thursday night version

I got together with some expats for a movie night. It was a mixed group with Germans, Americans, and some Pakistanis.

On the way home, one of the Pakistani guys asked me if I was homesick or missed things from home. I really like Germany but I do miss my family/friends so I try to keep up with them via Skype and social media. I do have to admit that there are things about the US that I don't miss. For example, I feel far safer in Germany because of gun regulation. It seems as if the whole open carry gun debacle is blowing up in the US and I wouldn't feel safe with a bunch of Jim Bobs prancing around with their guns in Home Depot.

I then asked the guys what they missed about their home countries. Family was number one for them as well. Sundays in Germany feel strange to them; they are accustomed to people being out and about, visiting friends, shopping, going to movies, etc. It's not that Germans completely don't go out on Sundays, but it's much quieter here and people are more often inside with their families, perhaps enjoying a Sunday dinner. Stores are closed so shopping is a no-go.

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