Monday, September 1, 2014

Learning German: a new tandem partner who saves the day

I was whinging and gnashing my teeth about my recent lack of progress in learning German (sorry for the whining). A wonderful person has turned around my attitude (well, until I get into the das Plusquamperfekt, which derailed my entire university German class and caused us great strife and gnashing of teeth).

I met A through one of the clubs in which we are both members. She was thrilled to meet because she was looking for a native English speaker as a partner. Not only am I a native English speaker, but in a past life (i.e. undergraduate study) I was also going to be a high school English teacher. A. invited me over to speak with her and even cooked me a delicious meal.

She then offered to help me with my German. She speaks excellent and very understandable Hochdeutsch and can convey grammar rules as well. We spoke some German together and she commented that my German is coming along nicely. Yippie! I was feeling so...blah about it. I still need a lot of work (and asked her to be very honest in her feedback) but I think it's not completely hopeless.

A has been very thrilled about the arrangement. I'm thrilled, too, and think that I should be the grateful one because she has shown so many kindnesses.

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