Friday, April 18, 2014

Greenland: another store for flour alternatives in Kaiserslautern

Afro-Asian Food & Cosmetics Shop
MO - SA 10.00 - 20.00
Tel. 0631 / 534 81 11
Richard Wagner Str. 58a, Kaiserslautern

Earlier, I wrote about the offerings at Vitamingarten, a grocery store in Kaiserslautern with imported foods and many alternative to traditional wheat flour. There is another Kaiserslautern grocery store with imported goods that might be of interest to those searching for other grains: Greenland.

Greenland is a small African and Asian grocery market not too far from the Hauptbahnhof downtown. Even though the store is small, there are quite a few different grains and flours there that I haven't seen around in many other places. Most of the goods are in cans or boxes but there is a small selection of fresh produce too (again, specialty items). I even saw some curries.

In addition to groceries, it also carries hair products, including those formulated for African hair types. There were some cosmetics as well, as is suggested in the name of the store.

For those looking for alternatives to wheat flour or some less common ingredients for cooking, especially vegetarian cooking, it would be worth a visit here.

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  1. Good friendly aservice and reasonable prices. Have asian items inckuding Ceylon Black Tea. They are the only store I have found Garlic & Ginger Puree in one jar. Many more items