Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Visit to the Frankfurter Fahrradmarkt

For some crazy reason, I decided that I (eventually) want to start commuting by bicycle. My friend C suggested that we attend the Frankfurter Fahrradmarkt this past weekend to to see if we could find something for me at the bike market.

The market was hosted in the Frankfurter Garten, which is more than just a garden. It's also a community space for people to gather, eat at the food stand, play something something similar to bocce ball, and engage with others in the community. It was a festive atmosphere, with families hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.

The bike market was definitely hipster heaven! There were fixie bikes galore. Unfortunately, I'm looking for something more practical for a beginning commuter, so I didn't find anything for my tastes, but it was fun to look over the bikes.

This bike, with its bright colors, was the belle of the ball. We saw a lot of people checking it out.

Clever idea: using an old radiator as a bike rack.

This tandem bicycle wasn't for sale but was sure interesting!

 Part of the garden and the bocce ball pit.

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