Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Borrowing cake pans, pie tins & cookie cutters at the Vogelweh Library (in KL)!

The Vogelweh Library, located on the Vogelweh Air Base on the west side of Kaiserslautern, now offers a collection of cake pans, pie tins and cookie cutters for patrons to check out. It's free to check them out to eligible patrons and I believe it's for a three week period. They have more than 60 seasonal and traditional styles.

I stopped by and picked up heart-shaped pans. I don't like that mushy love stuff, but I wanted to make a double layer cake and that was a kit with two separate pans the same size. The collection is located on the right side of the library on the wall immediately when one walks in.

I thought it was really cool, especially for expats who might not have packed their entire kitchens and would like to borrow some baking tools.

Some of the cake pans and cookie cutters.

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