Sunday, February 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Napoli in Kaiserslautern

Mühlstr. 19
67659 Kaiserslautern
0631 -75009393
Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am - 2 pm; Mon-Sat 5 pm - 11 pm; Sun 11 am - 11 pm
In the building that previously housed Hofbräuhaus, a new restaurant has risen: Pizzeria Napoli. Curious, I stopped by on a Sunday before meeting with friends to give it a try, making a note of the non-politically correct "doorman."
The interior decor is typical German and the restaurant even retained the Hofbräuhaus chairs (note the carved lions, sticking their tongues out). 

When I arrived on a Sunday afternoon in late December, only one other group was at the restaurant. The pleasant waitress took my order promptly and I had my pizza within about 10 minutes. I ordered the smallest sized pizza with mushrooms. It was HUGE at 33 cm. and way more than I needed; it took up the whole plate, but was reasonably priced at or below 7 euros.

Before I cut into the pizza, I was wondering how it would be. The other German pizza I've eaten on a few occasions was very bland, so I had that in mind. I cut into this pizza and took a bite. I would say that I like this pizza better than what I had at Pizzeria Milano down the street (reviewed here), but it still wasn't as flavorful as it could be. I do give the restaurant points for including some herbs in the sauce; I could taste oregano. The crust was a bit thicker but was the right consistency, neither too over or under cooked. I have no complaints about the fresh mushrooms on the pizza.

The waitress who served me was pleasant and attentive. I asked her if this restaurant has ties to the pizzeria in Landstuhl with a similar name. They are not, but have ties to a restaurant in Mainz.
It was a nice enough visit and the pizza was good by German standards. However, I have found that I much more prefer my own homemade pizza, which is significantly more flavorful. Still, tucked away from the main pedestrian area and on the way to the Gartenschau, Pizzeria Napoli could be a good place for a group to enjoy dinner and some drinks. There are noodle dishes, salads, and ice cream/desserts available too.

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