Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lickin' lions, oh my!

Some people believe that Himalayan salt crystals possess healing properties. There are even lamps made of Himalayan salt. I have told my friends that if they ever bought such lamps, that they should hide them when I come to visit. I would have an overwhelming urge to lick the lamp. We were giggling, imagining the owner of a lamp being flummoxed why the lamp was growing smaller and me leaving, licking my lips.

I ate dinner at Pizzeria Napoli (I need to write a review...sometime, I guess) and was very excited that the candle holder was made out of Himalayan salt. Everyone was goading me on to lick it, via Facebook (I was catching a quick bite alone, before meeting with friends). Of course I didn't lick it, even though the lion on the chair in the upper left hand corner appears to be licking the letter "B" on the chair.

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