Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy weather

This winter has been so much easier than last year's winter; it's been so mild, with temperatures in the 40-50s. There has been basically no snow (though there have been plenty of rain showers). Last year, it was colder, with temperatures in the 20-40s and more snow. It was more mild than where I'm from in the States, but it packed a bigger punch last year because I was walking around outside a lot.

Anyway, I have noticed flowers growing recently. It is so weird to this Michigan girl to have seen flowers in January (when I took this picture). I plucked one and stuck it in my hair and practically went skipping off into the sunlight. That's the bonus of this year's less dreary winter: people are in better moods, probably because of more sunlight. Don't get me wrong; it's not Florida by any means, but after seeing nothing but gray skies last winter, the bits of sunshine we've been having this year are wonderful.

Flowers in January? Mind blowing!

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