Monday, June 17, 2013

Store review: A&B Secondhand Boutique in Kaiserslautern

A&B Secondhand Boutique
Richard-Wagner Strasse 1

I love thrift stores and most of my clothes come from them or from garage sales. I admit that freely and happily. It's good for the environment to recycle items that are still in good condition and usable; it gives some pocket money back to the owner or helps a charity; and it helps to afford fun travel experiences. Who can beat that?

I've been on the hunt in Kaiserslautern for thrift stores. I came across A&B Secondhand Boutique, just on the very edge of the pedestrian shopping district downtown. Neatly arranged and merchandised, this store carries many name brand clothes. Prices are reasonable for name brands and all clothes are clean, in good shape, well-displayed and organized.

There are clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, though most of the clothes are for women. There are some plus-sized clothes for women but I didn't really see any for men, but I also didn't look that hard, either. There were also some maternity clothes for women.

Staff at the store are pleasant. I enjoyed that the store was clean and well-organized. I found the prices reasonable; I bought two nice shirts for work, a skirt, and a cute purse for 12 euros.

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