Thursday, June 6, 2013

Holy loads of candy at the German grocery store, Batman!

I have noticed that the candy aisles tend to be quite big at the German grocery stores. For example, at Rewe, which probably only has about 15 rows of shelves at the downtown location, about two rows are taken up by candy!

I was also surprised at Real's grocery section. A whole corner of the store was stocked with candy. I only took a quick peek in that area because I don't need candy, but was astounded by how many different types of gummies, chocolates, and other sweets there were.

After reading an article from The Local, which is a German newspaper in English, I shouldn't be too surprised by the huge amount of sweets available at the grocery stores; the newspaper reports that Germans eat almost 32 kilos of sweets a year! That is 72 pounds of sweets. Ouch, my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Gummy rats, anyone? I saw some other ones there were even more realistic than these were; ick!

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