Sunday, June 23, 2013

And why is it that I do this to myself?

Since I work at a foreign entity that is almost a world of its own here but live outside of it, I feel as if I'm caught in the middle of two worlds. I have dollars and cents and euros and...euro cents in my wallet. I know the euro cents reasonably well at this point, but I always have the moments of panic at the grocery store when I'm trying to sort out the various euro coins as an impatient German is breathing down my neck and I'm simultaneously trying to pay, bag my groceries, pretend that I can speak German, and still remember to breathe all the while.

It certainly doesn't help that I also have American money in my wallet, as well, for use at work and I accidentally grab some of those coins in the mix when I'm trying to pay at German stores.

Even worse is the time when I grabbed a really weird coin out of the mix and realized that, for some reason, I had a Canadian loonie in the wallet. Recently I even got caught up when I realized that I have a car wash token, as well. Why on earth do I do this to myself?

I know I have Czech Koruna and Hungarian forints somewhere at home. Maybe I should throw those into my wallet, too. It might liven things up even a bit more!


  1. Why dont you buy a new wallet, so that you have two? One for American money and one for European money. When I was visiting England I did it like this and I found it far less confusing.

  2. Ha ha! I feel your pain! I live in heidelberg and I go through the same thing! Why are ther so many friggin euro coins? Argh!

  3. Oh, gosh, I could see myself mixing coins in two wallets, worrying about misplacing one...eek.

  4. I am kind of fond of the 2 cent coins. I'm not sure why.