Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It was so awkward it killed me

My German is finally to a decent level; I've taken various C1 classes so many times that it had better be! However, that doesn't mean that my vocabulary is always adequate, especially for topics that I don't deal with often (or ever) in German, and some topics are a bit too macabre for our textbooks to deal with in detail. Take this awkward conversation I had in German (translated into English for your enjoyment), for example.

At the thrift store

Me, in German : "is this card for when someone dead is?"

Clerk: "um, yes."

Me, delighted: "Oh, good! I mean, it's not good that someone is dead. It's good that it's a sad card. My vocabulary is not so good for death."

He thought that was funny.


  1. I love these stories! And if you got him to laugh (or grin), you might have made his day!! "My vocabulary is not so gut for death" - That is priceless! :-)

    1. Haha, yeah, I feel like an idiot sometimes, especially at the level of German where I am, that I am sometimes lacking in very basic vocabulary.