Friday, September 9, 2016

Thrift store shopping gets dead weird at Kaiserslautern's Schatzkiste

On Monday, I was enjoying the magic of the American Labor Day holiday. It's lovely and a bit surreal to have a day off when the Germans don't; it almost feels as if one is playing hooky from work because one can actually get stuff done since the stores are open. With my free time, I made a trip to some local thrift stores, which turned into a strange excursion.

When I visited the Schatzkiste (I reviewed it previously here), I came across a display of...merchandise?
dead animal at the thrift store, and presumably for sale
Don't badger me! I'm dead n' stuffed!
We're just chilling next to an overpriced, second-hand lamp.

Dead animals?

taxidermy gone wrong
Don't be such a weasel. C'mon, buy me!
Mackelmore might've bought a fur coat but you can buy the whole dang animal at the Schatzkiste. You could even make your own taxidermy zoo with their impressive collection.

I lost all composure when I saw this sign under the menagerie.

"As much as you need."
I tried to smother my giggles as I pondered just how many taxidermied animals that one person could possibly need. I also considered: who buys second-hand taxidermy animals? Is that a thing?


  1. Oh my dear, second hand taxidermied animals are very much a thing - let me introduce you to Jenny Lawson, aka The Blogess.

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