Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's (the end of) Maimarkt Mannheim time!

This weekend, I visited the Maimarkt in Mannheim, which is a huge and awesome trade fair, horse show, home builder expo, and more, all wrapped in one. It still goes on for two more days, until May 10. It's definitely worth a visit, despite my lateness in writing about it ;) The other cool thing is that for 9,50 euros, one can buy not only a ticket to the event, but it also allows for travel in the VRN transportation system for free.

Maimarkt website

This is a more in-depth review of it that I wrote in 2014. I still feel the same way!


This year, I went with A and we looked all over for the Waldmeiser (woodruff) soft serve ice cream that I always like to get at the market. We couldn't find it, but did eat Lebanese food at the African Village, another custom. Following that, we watched the show jumping competition. I also picked up a very nice Wusthof knife, a gift from my mother. Since my little cheapie knives at home don't make preparing food for my education in cooking any easier, it's a very welcome addition to the kitchen!

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