Thursday, May 19, 2016

Foraging: garlic mustard

One of the many awesome features of living in the Pfalz is the abundant greenery here, whether it's in the forest or if it's in the fields. In the past year, I've explored plant life more by learning about foraging wild foods. It's a perfect past time since I appreciate fresh herbs and plants but don't enjoy growing them myself. I let Mother (Pfalz) Nature grow them and I collect them. What might look like weeds are often something edible!

I recently learned about garlic mustard, which is in the mustard family (makes sense :) and smells faintly of onions and garlic. One can make pesto out of it; check out the recipe from Burdock & Rose.

I picked a huge bunch of it but didn't have time to make pesto before it started wilting. Instead, I hung it upside down in bunches to dry. Once that is complete, I'll strip the dried leaves and store them in jars to later add to soups to give a garlic flavor.

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