Sunday, March 27, 2016

My week: March 27 ed.

I put most of my plans on hold this week because of a work trip to Brussels. As I was driving there, I received a phone call from my boss and was directed to return to our office. There had been a terrorist attack at the airport and on the subway. It was sobering news.

During the rest of the workweek, I stayed home because I was really worn out. It's probably the pollen and allergy misery.

-I visited Karlsruhe with my friends C+K. Along the way, C had to stop by Kakteenland, which is a giant greenhouse full of cacti for sale. K and I watched in bemusement as he shopped for new cacti; his focus and determination was admirable and on par with athletes.

Since we were close to Wissembourg, which is just over the border in France, we stopped by for a visit. C was keen to visit a Flammkuchen restaurant that he had really enjoyed before. Unfortunately, it was closed so with trepidation, we tried the restaurant next door (9 Place de la République). It wasn't a good sign that their menu had pictures of the food and was not far from a tourist area; we should have known better. When our Flammkuchen arrived, it was barely cooked, with almost raw onions. How is it even possible to make bad Flammkuchen? Sheesh, it's not that hard to make.

We consoled ourselves with some delicious pastries from Patissier Rebert, just down the street. I chose a delicious cafe Éclair and a violet macaron. Both were lovely! C made very happy noises as he feasted on a delicate-looking petit four with layers of mouse, chocolate, and a bit of cake. K ate the chocolate foil to my cafe Éclair.

Following our sugary interlude, we walked through the town, trailing the city walls. From there we found the way back to the car and drove to Karlsruhe. Once there, we walked through the city, starting with the palace in the center, the Karlsruhe Schloss. From there, the city lays like a fan. I had wanted to see the city's pyramid, but it was covered up for construction and restoration. After our walk, we ate dinner at Shiraz, a Persian restaurant. Soon I said goodbye to C+K as they left for a concert and I went home.

-For Easter, I thought that I was going to attend a friend's BBQ and garden planting party, but I mixed up the dates and decided to just stay home instead since I was still tired. I did manage an enjoyable two hour stroll through town after the rain stopped. I finished Easter with a Skype call to my family.

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