Sunday, March 13, 2016

A kind-spirited way to learn English (or a foreign language)

As a contrast to the mean spirited English-learning activity I mentioned last time, I'd like to mention a fun way to learn a foreign language that is somewhat neutral: through charades!

In our language meeting, we were instructed to write down something that happened to us and another person would act it out.

I didn't exactly have the German words for what had happened to me so I had to get some help. Some of the poor guys in the group had to act out the following:

-I was kicked in the head by a horse.*

-I wore a lucky clover costume.

(Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the word Kleeblatt so I had to say that it was like a Marienkäfer or a Shornsteinfeger but no one caught those references either.)

Once this was all figured out, the guys in the group seemed rather impressed with the idea of a giant shamrock costume. Indeed, they are rather cool!

*I was very proud that I was able to write this in the passive voice but I had to figure out the preposition for getting kicked  in the head.

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