Monday, January 18, 2016

My week: January 18 ed.

-Oh man. After staving off sickness for the most part of a year, I got sick again with a sinus infection. I had been feeling rundown for several weeks and I finally succumbed. However, I only ended up missing one full day of work and part of another day. That's much better than last year when I missed a whole week of work and could barely get out of bed even to grab a drink of water.

I decided to let the sickness run its course without antibiotics because I wasn't running such high fevers as I had in the past. I read that sinus infections will usually resolve without antibiotics in 60-70% of cases. A week later, I'm still tired and can tell I have the infection, but with no fever, I guess it's okay and will see how it goes.

-Moo's still wearing the cone of shame following his surgery. He's not happy about and even turned into Moogyver at one point: he used the catbox as a fulcrum to get the cone off. Maybe he's smarter than I had thought!

-There was a reading at the uni and I went with a bunch of friends. It was awesome to see everyone again after the holidays.It was a bit of over stimulation to see ten close friends at one time, try to quickly catch up with each of them, and firm up some upcoming plans with a handful of them. Plus I was getting hugs and our signature weird elbow-bumping-side-hug-derivative right and left. I can only imagine the confusion of the people not in our group who were seeing this goofy display of affection!

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