Saturday, January 23, 2016

Decorating at the German Friseur

First of all, I like the word "Friseur," which means hair stylist in German. It sounds so...somehow French.

Secondly, I am fascinated by the hair salons in Kaiserslautern that have used mannequin heads to decorate their storefronts. I can't say that I've ever seen this in the US. The heads are creepy; in some ways, it reminds me of earlier times when fierce groups of people would mount heads on sticks outside their villages. (Okay, weird association, I know, but still!) Are the salons' display of mannequin heads meant to scare off other Friseure?

Anyway, I took a nice long walk on the first day of the new year and noticed that the mannequin heads even celebrated. Considering that there was one empty bottle of Sekt per head, I'd imagine that the mannequins had quite the Kater (hangover), especially since they didn't have a body to help metabolize the alcohol ;)

Oh, man, I shouldn't have had the whole bottle!

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