Monday, December 14, 2015

My week: December 13 ed.

After a hiatus from writing weekly updates, I'm back to it again. In November, I took a big trip to the US and had planned to catch up on writing updates from that time. I never got around to it and was feeling all retentive about not writing things in chronological order. Had I continued down that road, I'd probably never get another weekly update written because I'm getting further and further behind so I'm just biting the bullet and getting back on track.

-I had German lessons and met again with my tandem partner. I really missed all of the practice; it had been almost three weeks.

-My friends who Moosat for me while I was gone were taking some trips themselves and both separately called to see if they could come by to cuddle Moo before they left. They just adore him; how sweet is that? He was more interested in rubbing his face on their coats and bags as a memento but did assent to being squished a bit.

-In other Moo news, he's been acting a bit needy since I've gotten back. One night he threw a little Moo-party outside my bedroom door. Apparently I went to bed too early for his liking and didn't give him the attention he thought he deserved. To try to make me feel envious, he mooed, ran around, pounded on the door, and ran into it, throwing a wild party to make me wish that I had joined the fun.

The next night, he found a toilet paper tube and used it to play as a "maraca" outside my door. I wasn't horribly excited about that because I was almost asleep when I had to go snatch it from him.

The night following that, he sat outside my bedroom door and sang Christmas Moo-carols to me in the morning. He was certain that I had slept more than enough - which I did! (10.5 hours; I'm not sure why I'm so tired lately) 

Oh, and in good news: he doesn't need surgery! He had a cyst on his lip just before I left. I didn't want to stress him with surgery and recovery while I was gone so decided to wait. A week after I left it was gone. I checked back with the vet and she agreed he wouldn't need surgery. Yay!

-I ended up taking a tour of a German organization that does similar things to what I do in my job. I thought it would be a group tour so I could hide any deficiencies in understanding and speaking but I was the only one there so it ended up becoming a professional dialog with the director. It was all in German - eek! I'm glad that I didn't know ahead of time that this would happen because otherwise I would have obsessed over speaking in German with a German peer from my profession. I think I would have turned on heel and left had that been the case! I still freak out about speaking German and it's even more daunting to have to do so in a professional environment. I'm not a stupid person but I sure sound stupid when I speak German. Despite me sounding like an uneducated clod, the director was very gracious and we chatted about the differences and similarities in the way we do things at work. I even offered them some help with a certain project and the director happily accepted.

-I visited the Christmas market in Trippstadt/Johanniskreuz, which is my favorite.

-I attended a group lunch with some friends.

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