Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ich stimme zu! The Thanksgiving tree

I saw this sign and a tree where people were encouraged to write about something for which they are thankful.

I could have been the one who wrote the the item below (though I didn't). I feel this way too!


  1. It's a little crazy how many similarities you and I share. I _hate_ feet - find them disgusting and don't want to see them or toes. Baby feet are cute enough, but as soon as a little person is walking - cover those babies up. Ick.

    And I found the Bio Glühwein stand in Esslingen yesterday!!! Now I know where it is. I'd just finished my Apfelglühwein mit Calvados, so I didn't try it. Next time!

  2. We're foot-disliking twinsies -- almost. I don't like baby feet either. Feet overall gross me out. I do have some bad experiences with them (from outside sources, not my own).

    So, did you get Bio Glühwein yet? I had some yesterday and really liked it.