Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The afterlife of a Lebkuchen

I love love love having so many international friends. I mused in an earlier blog entry about what happens to Lebkuchen, the giant ones that one gets for one's sweetie at festivals, in their life following their initial gifting.

My friends, both Germans and expats from all over, told me the following, in an informal poll:

-hang it up
-"Either give it away, display it, or dip it in a nice chai to eat it"
-one friend he wanted to eat it but thought it might "kill the love" and also that they reportedly don't taste good
- "Girls will keep it for as long as they are in that relationship and afterwards they might through it away or it it. Boys will most likely eat it right away..... as they would probably not display it in their private appartement anyway!"
-Yet another friends said that she thought that they were never meant to be eaten but she had seen people eating them. She wouldn't recommend it though.

There you go! 

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