Friday, May 29, 2015

Paris gets tough on the love locks

French officials will remove the love locks from several bridges because of the damages they are causing, according to an article by in the Local.

Good, I say. I think that love locks, that couples use to deface "show their love" on public structures, should be outlawed. It is not right to damage public property. Don't get me started on those who carve their initials into trees, either, whether the trees are public property or not.


  1. Oh dear - sounds like another thing we have somewhat in common. I don't care whether the locks are outlawed or not, but I think it's a silly thing to do. There are some on the bridge in Tübingen as well, and everytime I see them I think, "If you think THAT is going to help you stay together, you're fools." It takes hard work every day, not a padlock. I wonder how many of those locks damaging the bridges symbolize marriages that already crumbled.
    Hm. Too cynical?

    I hate the carved initials as well. They should put their crap on Facebook rather than defacing trees and historical buildings.

  2. Yes, I think it's so silly and selfish.

    Things like the lock lock stuff sometimes look like insecurity to me. It reminds me of the "best friends" necklaces that we had as kids, with two parts of a heart that each person could wear. At least that one didn't deface public property!