Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moo weighs in

Almost everyone who meets Moo inadvertently becomes a fan. He's an awesome cat; he loves meeting people, partying, and socializing. He even has been able to win over people who aren't sure about house cats (I run with a very international group, so some visitors haven't been around house cats before).

However, I have one friend who doesn't care for animals. I thought she was slowly warming to him because she asked if she could pick him up. I said sure; hold him like you'd hold a baby and he'll feel more secure.

Instead, she held him by his stomach, hovering him a few inches above the floor.

Moo is not super smart so he purred while she held him awkwardly and he played hover cat.

She set him down, pleased with herself.

"I was having a hard time estimating how much he weighed, so I wanted to pick him up," she said.

Did I mention that she's a scientist?

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