Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lost clauses: finding one's way out of subordinate clauses in German

To the foreign speakers of German: do you ever get lost in German sentences? For example, if you are saying a sentence with subordinate clauses, splittable verbs, different tenses, etc., do you ever lose your place in the sentence?

I feel as if I get stuck in a sentence spiral and I'm trying to work myself free when I speak "Big Girl Sentences," which I consider anything other than a basic sentence. I seem to have two modes of speaking them. If I try to say the sentence at a normal speed, I tend to mess up the word order. If I stop, think, and say it correctly, I may as well hang up a Microsoft Windows hourglass in front of my face as I'm plotting the sentence in my head.

I suppose that I should be thankful that I have enough knowledge at this point to have the capacity (but not the speed) to form somewhat complex sentences. What has your experience been?

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