Thursday, November 13, 2014

Going on a word journey with the Wörterbuch

Most of the instruction I have received about the German language has been in the English language since my university is geared toward Americans and my original lessons were in the US. Now that I'm done with my degree, I'm continuing German lessons in the local community and as can be expected, it's all in German.

As a result of the influx of new German words from the class texts only in German, I find myself making heavy use of my Wörterbuch, or dictionary. It's a bit crazy to try to read instructions for the homework and realize that I need to first figure out what it's telling me to do! Maybe I was being a bit too optimistic after gliding through my first class but at least I'll learn a lot and get a ton of speaking practice.

I do love the Wörterbuch. Unfortunately, it's a dangerous book because I open it with the intention of looking up just one or two words and instead get sucked into many more. I have to wrench myself away from it if I want to get any homework done.

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