Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finished week 1 of the vegan challenge

My friend had the great idea to be vegan for 40 days. Since I alternate among being vegetarian, vegan, and then eating BACON, I thought that I may as well join too. I just finished up the first week of being vegan.

It was a roller coaster. I don't want to dissuade anyone from being vegan because it can introduce one to some awesome food that one normally wouldn't try. However, for me at least, there is a bit of detoxing time. I obsess(ed) over cheese; I had to pick up some things at the store and forced myself to walk quickly past the cheese aisle and all its lovely offerings.

The other problem was that I had been eating a rather rich diet (at least for me) before I went into this. I had been having cheese, desserts, and meals out several times a week so of course I was craving these things.

The cravings came to a head earlier this week: I went on a candy bender! I bought some candy after first making sure that it was vegan and went to town on it. Of course I felt like crud later and told my coworker (who was with me at the time) that I am to have no more candy.

I'm doing okay so far with that part. I haven't bought any commercially prepared sweets or candy. I did make a loaf of homemade vegan banana bread with half of the sugar that the recipe called for. I plan to share it with my friend when we take a trip together.

If I can't eat cheese, candy, or desserts, then I start craving carbs like bread. My next goal will be to cut way back on anything that contains gluten since I don't feel great after eating it. I won't go so far as to say that I think I'm gluten-sensitive, but I can say that all the carbs from flour aren't the best for me.

After meeting that goal, then I'm going to work on mostly eating vegetables with some fruits, beans, seeds (i.e. quinoa), etc. I once lost 10 pounds in two weeks by following that diet, which was really quite healthful. I had to eat a couple cups of raw vegetables a day in addition to some yogurt for breakfast. By the time I had done that, I was not very hungry for much else! I certainly have plenty of time left since there are still about 31 days left to the challenge.

Oh, glorious land of cheese.

I see this and I'm all like:

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