Sunday, October 26, 2014

My week: October 26 ed.

-I was finally feeling better after being sick the previous week. I reveled in a night off with no plans and even took a leisurely bike ride. It felt so good to be free and feeling (mostly) healthy.

-I registered for another German course. I somewhat dread giving up my relative freedom of "only" two standing commitments a week (in addition to traveling many weekends and attending social events as they come up); if I took this course, every single night would be taken up and that's just for the standing stuff. When my various groups meet, I would sometimes be double-booked for the night. Hmm. I always alternate from loving all the socializing and learning to feeling a little burned out from having a fun schedule all the time.

-I went and looked at an apartment for our new coworker who will be moving here. It's a super nice place and had it been in downtown Kaiserslautern when I was looking, I would have rented it!

-One night, I crammed 17 people into my living room and cooked them dinner. To relax, we colored mandalas. It was a really pleasant night with great company. Moo was thrilled with all the attention. I also had two house guests. It felt good to be social again after being out of the loop while sick.

-I attended the Rocky Horror Picture Show live event at one of the local military bases with some friends. It was fantastic and completely wild! As we say in Denglish, my mind was "geblown." I've been to burlesque and crazy art events before, but in the land of the military, I'm accustomed to a rather buttoned-up environment. So, when I arrived to the community center and the actors are wearing skimpy costumes and men were running around in tights and heels (and not much more), I certainly took pause. Soon I was clapping and hooting and hollering with everyone else during the introduction where the performers hazed "virgins," those who had never seen the movie before, making them perform embarrassing games. During the movie, the live actors mimicked the show as we used props and yelled things along to the movie. I was totally amused by the actors. It would be funny to see a picture of what they looked like during the weekday compared to their outlandish costumes that night.

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