Friday, October 31, 2014


Moo is very popular among my friends. It's no wonder, as he's a sweet, soft, and friendly cat. I've had some friends, upon meeting up again, immediately ask how Moo is doing. I always tease them and ask if I'm chopped liver since they only asked about the cat. Other friends have asked me to give their greetings to Moo. Instead, I just hold the phone up so they can say hi to him themselves.

Apparently he is also very therapeutic. I've had a couple friends call lately and ask if they could come over to have some Moo time, which I am happy to oblige. I can totally understand his appeal; it's so relaxing to have him sit adjacent, purring happily and begging for a tummy rub. Even better yet? There is no time limit on how long he'll allow a person to pet his belly. He's unlike most other cats.

I think that all of the love for Moo is sweet. I find that the vast majority of my friends are animal lovers and that suits me just fine.

Pet meh belleh!

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