Sunday, February 3, 2013

How do you translate cow?

Another place Moo doesn't belong but he helps himself to it anyway.

Since Moo is also party to my mooove (sorry, couldn't help it) to Germany, I decided that he also needs to be immersed in German culture (aside from eating German cat food that's also labeled in Italian, for some reason).

I decided to translate his name. In German, it is Muh. I think it sounds a bit emo, myself, like "meh," which, for the record, is one of my least favorite words/attitudes.

Someone once asked me if Moo is black and white. I was confused why she'd pick that color combination as a guess until I realized that it would make sense that a cat named after a cow theme would look like a cow. Nope, I named him Moo because he would prance around, begging for attention,"mooing" (meowing, but it does sound like a moo).

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