Friday, February 8, 2013

Germany: It's Solar Powered, but the US? Nicht so gut says one news source

I had a horrible case of the giggles today after I heard that Fox News Business reporter Shibani Joshi believes that solar energy works in Germany but would not work in the US because Germany has "lots of sun" and gets "a lot more sun than we [in America] do."

I wonder if Ms. Joshi has ever visited Germany? I would be more than happy to show her around...and show her that the US gets more sun, except for maybe in the Pacific Northwest, or in Alaska, perhaps. Even Michigan feels like it's a sunny paradise, at least from what I can tell in the winter, compared to here. It's so sun-deprived here that, in a fit of grumpy, pasty winter blahs, I tried a tanning machine for 4 minutes. I kid you not - I felt yucky and crunchy afterward, but that's how badly I was wanting some Vitamin D.

I think that the US has as good of a solar opportunity as Germany has -- no, it is a better chance.

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