Monday, July 29, 2013

Store review: Ethnico, Kaiserslautern
Richard-Wagner Strasse 78, Kaiserslautern
Monday-Friday 2-6; Saturday 11-3

Where can a person buy an African mask, Indian furniture, vintage Chuck Taylors, and oh yes, some lederhosen?

Perhaps the previous question sounds more like a joke, but it's a (somewhat) serious question for which I have an answer: Ethnico.

This store, just down the street from the Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof, is a perfect companion to Dhyan (reviewed here) for an interesting shopping trip. I had walked by this store and had been intrigued by it but never seemed to be around when it was open.

I finally visited and what a treat it was! This store is completely crazy in its offerings of new, used, and vintage clothing. The new clothing is mostly organic or hippie style but there are some screen printed t-shirts for those who are less adventurous. Vintage clothing includes items that hippies might have even worn in the 60s and 70s, as well as a large collection of used Chuck Taylor shoes.

Even crazier yet was a selection of preowned traditional German garb! There are dirndls, lederhosen, the popular blue checkered shirt like those worn at Oktoberfest, and more. Prices were reasonable; for example, boys' lederhosen were around 20 euros. For those looking to "blend in" at the touristville that is München's Oktoberfest, a visit to Ethnico would allow for some cheaper outfits to wear. For something at the opposite end of the spectrum, there is even some leatherwear and Renaissance fair garb available.

Ethnico also offers home accessories and furnishings. The African masks weren't so much to my taste, but I had to drag myself away from the Indian coffee tables and cabinets. Prices were moderate on those, as well.

The guy who runs the store was friendly and helpful, both to me and to other customers. For an eclectic and pleasant experience, I would definitely recommend a visit to Ethnico.

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