Monday, July 1, 2013

Carhartt clothes in Germany

Thirteen years ago, my friend totally blew my mind when he told me that Carhartt clothes were quite trendy in Europe. I didn't believe him and we went on a field trip to Covent Garden, a fashionable and expensive section of London, to see the Carhartt store in person. It was indeed quite trendy and I was quite shocked. The people I knew who wore Carhartt (in the US) wore those clothes to go milk cows.

Now that I knew this, I was not surprised to see some Carhartt clothes at a boutique in Kaiserslautern. However, I did experience some intense sticker shock: a lightweight spring jacket was about 130 euros. Thirteen years later, Carhartt in Europe is still shocking me. I guess I just need to go milk some cows and listen to techno music to get over it.

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