Sunday, July 28, 2013

Store Review: Dhyan (books, jewelry, gifts), Kaiserslautern

Richard-Wagner-Str. 67, Kaiserslautern
Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00; Saturday 10:00-3:00

When walking home from the train station, I passed a store that really caught my eye: Dhyan. I was drawn in, attracted to the colorful display windows brimming with Indian jewelry boxes (a personal weak spot) and other beautiful gifts. The store is only open until 6 pm (which isn't horribly unusual around here) so it was quite a while before I could return to shop.

I finally got my act together and walked to the store. The store is really quite fascinating and has a variety of gifts. Basically, it's a hippie gift store at the core but is diverse in its offerings.

There is a large amount of jewelry, mostly in Indian designs. There are books on yoga and New Age type topics. The requisite incense and incense burners were present, as is to be expected in this type of store.

My personal favorites were the Indian jewelry boxes, painted in bright colors and patterns, and the sun catchers. I ended up buying one of each. I was tempted by the Indian textiles, such as pillow covers and scarves, but I needed to stop my shopping spree at some point.

If this weren't enough, there is even a clothing section. I wasn't surprised by the cotton trousers and other handmade clothing. However, I was surprised that the store even offers Renaissance fair garb.

Even for the more traditional, Dhyan is still a pleasant store and it's very possible to find a gift for almost anyone. For those who are the New Age type, this store would be highly of interest. 

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