Friday, July 26, 2013

Mannheim: farmers' market

A little while ago...okay, longer than that, I was on one of my many trips to Mannheim in April. I had some time to spend before meeting a friend, so I decided to check out the city's farmers' market ("Wochenmarkt") in the Marktplatz, located at G1.

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 0800-1400 ; Saturday 0800-1500

The market is bigger than the one I visit in Kaiserslautern. Offerings were similar, but there were more vendors with a bigger selection. There were fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, baked goods, etc. for sale.

Besides size of the markets, the other difference between farmers' markets for Mannheim and Kaiserslautern would probably be that Mannheim's market is overseen by some very perplexed looking male statues and some armpit-smelling angels at the St. Sebastian Church.

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