Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keeping your cool when there is no air conditioning

One thing that I have missed since I moved to Germany is air conditioning. It doesn't get hot all the time, but when it does, it can be pretty miserable without air conditioning. There isn't much air conditioning around; even many stores and restaurants don't have it. A friend went to a concert and some people passed out from how hot it was in the concert venue, which not only was lacking air conditioning, but also seemed to have very little ventilation.

Apartments and houses usually don't have built-in air conditioning, either. Here are some hints for dealing with the heat:

-during the day, keep the rolladen closed (shutters); this helps to keep the sunlight out and the heat down;
-sit in front of a fan;
-at night, when it's cooler, open the windows wide to allow cool air to come in; putting a fan by the window pulls in the cooler air;
-go to the local swimming pool for a dip in the water. A friend and I went to the Warmfreibad and found that it was not warm, nor was it free, but it was certainly refreshing!;
-if you just can't stand it any more, there are portable, upright air conditioning units available for purchase. I haven't really seen any removable window units.

Moo demonstrates how to stay cool when it's hot: stay in a darkened room and lounge around in front of the fan. Laser beam eyes are optional.

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