Friday, May 26, 2017

This Kunstautomat is really arty

In January, my friend L. and I took a day trip to Halle (Saale). We had actually intended to visit Jena (the opposite direction) so obviously we were quite a bit off!

It was a happy accident, however. We bumbled through the city, visited their museum, and came across the Kunstautomat below.

It's an art vending machine and features local and regional artists. It puts the Automaten in Kaiserslautern to shame; or at least its colorful outside does! Even the money slot is happy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

76 Trombones...

Since I work for an organization with locations worldwide, teleconferences are ubiquitous for us. I prefer face to face communication but that isn't possible so I've learned to deal with teleconferences and to give trainings online.

They are certainly not without problems. During our last huge worldwide teleconference, someone put her phone on hold and the meeting had a soudtrack of the loud hold music...which was marching band music. This went on for about 5 minutes of the meeting. It was a new level of teleconference Hades.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Deutsche Bahn gives some mixed signals

On a recent train journey, the display on the train showed the message below as we were approaching the final stop.

Ha! It's very confused.

It says "Wir reinigen, - einsteigen!" -- We're cleaning, enter!

via: bitte nicht -- via please not

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

German public trash cans: what goes where

Non German-speakers, have you come across a trash can out in public and feel as if you need some sort of user manual to know that to toss where? Sometimes these trash cans are at least labeled in several different languages (usually in German, French, and English) but often they aren't. Sometimes there are graphics too, but they might not always make sense.

Let's take a look at a trash can together, why don't we?

So, meet Mr. Trash Can of the K in Lautern Mall. He has many cousins in the mall, too, and they're hungry for what you want to toss.

Now that we've made his introduction, let's take a peek at his three hungry mouths, why don't we?
Mouth #1, labeled Papier, is on the left. Can you guess what this is? Take out the "i" and you have "paper." Not too bad, eh? So, you'd throw paper in here, such as receipts, those flyers people hand you as you unsuccessfully try to dodge them during shopping, etc. 

Mouth #2, in the center, is for Kunstoff, which is plastic. It also might be labeled as Verpackung, which is packaging. This is where you can put empty containers. 

Mouth #3, on the right, is Restmüll, or garbage. It also might be labeled as Abfälle. In this Mr. Trash Can's case, you'd put whatever else doesn't belong in his other two mouths here.

A mouth not pictured here is one for Glas (glass).

There you have it! Before you throw something in, make sure that you pick the right mouth. You don't want to anger the rubbish gods nor those of the Germans who are just ready to get their Schimpf on.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Anger or the city hall?

In Naumburg (Saale), the city offers several destinations: Anger, the Rathaus, etc.

It appears that one can pick a state of unhappy emotion or the city hall. Perhaps if one visited the city hall and didn't find a desired outcome that could result in anger.

Or, it could just be that in German, "Anger" means a square/green. I guess it depends on the mood of the viewer.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring at the farmers' market

In Germany, the land starts to wake up and spring shows its face in about March. At the farmers' market, typical spring offerings start to show up in April. 

Bärlauch (ramps, which taste like a mild garlic), Spargel (white asparagus), and strawberries make their debut. 

Early in the season, Spargel and strawberries, especially that grown locally, is expensive. As the season progresses, the prices come down a bit. I wrote some more about Spargel in another blog entry, here.

Soon it'll be pick your own strawberries season, and if you'd like to learn more about doing that in Kaiserslautern, you can can read about it here.

Enjoy the flavors of spring!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Kaiserslautern Stadtteilfest: May 13, 2017

On Saturday, May 13, the tenth annual Stadtteilfest will occur in Stadtpark in Kaiserslautern. It's basically a city festival in which community organizations set up booths in the city park. They are available to answer questions about what they offer. Some sell food, books, or rummage sale items as a fundraiser. Gardening enthusiasts will find a plant exchange. Bring a plant, take a plant.

Where: Stadtpark Kaiserslautern (Pirmasenser Strasse 62 is a nearby address)
When: 1100-1800

1900: concert with Shaian
2100: open air movie theater showing Paulette