Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dining in the Ikea showroom: is this a test?

After I finally found my apartment, I started making the almost requisite trips to Ikea to finish kitting out my apartment. During one trip to the Ikea in Saarlouis, my travel partner B and I came across a strange sight: in the middle of the display of kitchen tables, there was a buffet set up with a sign encouraging people to eat dinner! I'm not talking about this being near the cafe, where people often dine in Ikea; this was actually in the showroom.

A couple was sitting at the table, dining on some pasta. When we passed by again later, the table was empty and we were tempted to try some of the pasta because the sign there suggested it. However, it seemed just too weird to us so we chickened out. I was wondering if it were some sort of experiment or if there was a hidden camera. B. wondered so too.

Of course, it could have just been a customer appreciation thing, but I'm too mistrustful to believe that. If you've seen this or know more about it, be sure to comment!

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