Thursday, July 25, 2013

Food truck review: Napoli at military installations around Kaiserslautern

Various food trucks set up shop at the US military installations around Kaiserslautern. They tend to change weekly, but have the same rotating cast of "characters."

One such character is Napoli, which also has a takeout restaurant in Landstuhl. I've ordered from there before and was not impressed by their Chicago crust pizza. I decided to try their offerings again when I saw the food cart at one of the installations.

I was pleasantly surprised; the flammkuchen (regional pizza like dish) was quite tasty. I liked the saltiness of the pork on it, balanced with the rich smoothness of the cream-based sauce and savory onions.

I also tried some of their regular crust pizza and found it quite better than their Chicago crust pizza. After these experiences, I'd try their Landstuhl physical location again.

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