Friday, October 21, 2016

What I missed from Germany while in Scotland

Earlier I talked about the conveniences I enjoyed while in Edinburgh. I forgot to mention the food - holy wow, was it delicious. I ate Mexican food cooked by actual Mexican people and it had NO curry powder or added sugar (I'm giving you the side-eye on this one, restaurants in Kaiserslautern). Apparently there is an enclave of Mexican people in Edinburgh. Who would've guessed? It was awesome, and yes, I'm one of those horrible tourists who tries the Mexian food everywhere. I usually feel pessimistic that it'll taste good yet remain hopeful. Edinburgh came through on this.

However, there were some things that I missed about Germany, too.

-Recycling: since we were grabbing convenience food such as salads and boiled eggs from the grocery stores, we were left with a lot of plastic packaging, but no recycle bins in sight to dispose of them. I felt guilty going through that much plastic. In Germany, there are usually bins readily available to recycle one's waste. In fact, Germany has one of the highest recycling rates of EU member states.

-Inexpensive grocery food: we loved the convenience of the supermarket food, but the prices were definitely higher. Germany's cost of food is quite low, especially at discount markets like Aldi and Penny.


  1. Oh dear - that's not very much that you missed about Germany! To be fair, though, M and I don't miss much about home/Germany when we're in Scotland either. That's because we're taking a rare vacation, and we both adore Scotland - the history, the people, the dialect, the air, the scenery... Scotland is magical; Germany is real. :-)

  2. Well, I like Germany a lot, but I've also not had a lot of "oomph" lately from being sick. Plus, it's easy to fall in love with somewhere new and not really see its "warts" as a visitor. :)

    As much as I liked England/London when I lived there, I got really sick of how sarcastic/caustic people can be, for example.

  3. Plus Germany loses some points for adding sugar to savory food. Hehe.