Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My week: October 25 ed.

The workweek was rather normal with my usual meeting with my tandem partner. I did have plans to go out on Friday night but wasn't feeling well so had to cancel.

On the weekend, our group of friends had a dinner. I just love these gatherings; usually it's mostly familiar faces with some new ones too. I'm sure that the new people are always wondering what on earth is going on as a string of people come up to me and rub their elbows with mine. It's our weird version of a side hug (yes, I pulled it from the one and only episode of the Duggars that I watched and no, we don't have creepy beliefs that state we can't do regular hugs, though I'd prefer no hugs at all).


  1. I also prefer no hugs - except from family! We had a meeting tonight, and many of us are good friends. Definitely at least 7 hugs and a couple of cheek-air kisses. Ugh. I adore these people, but I kind of prefer the American "Hi-ya" wave with a friendly "Nice to see you!"

  2. I'm cool with the elbow bumping. In fact, I was at the store last night and was carrying a heavy bag of cat litter. I ran into my friend, who was one of the original people who came up with the elbow "hugging" thing. He bumped my elbow, cat litter and all.