Thursday, September 10, 2015

When registering for classes is more like a reunion

The new semester at the Volkshochschule starts next week and the school offered an open house tonight. It just happened to be the day I actually remembered to register so I lucked out. I had a few questions on what class I should take so I was directed upstairs. Pleasantly surprised, I saw that the teacher from my last German class at the uni was there to talk to prospective students! As we talked, her friend and colleague stopped by. The other woman had filled in with some of our teacher's classes so she recognized me too since there are so few Americans in the uni classes.

The first teacher suggested that we take a quick break in the temporary cafe the VHS had set up. She treated us each to a piece of cake and we caught up a bit before she had to return to advising students. Upon leaving, she gave me a big hug and wished me luck for the classes. How sweet she is! I'm glad to have run into her.

The happy reunions continued when I stopped by the bookstore to pick up the course materials. I ran into a former classmate from the VHS class I took in the spring. She gave me a huge hug too. I had way beyond my RDA of hugging by that point ;) We chatted for a bit and exchanged numbers because I think I'll get some former classmates from various courses together for a language cafe.
I really like living close to where I work and attend classes. I welcome the change from when I lived in Michigan, where I had lived an hour from where I worked at one point and found the commute soul and sense of community-destroying. Even though my next job in that area was closer to my home, I still didn't have the proximity to everything like I do here. A simple trip out here is the opportunity to connect with people I know and it suits very well.

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