Sunday, August 2, 2015

My week: August 2 ed.

I'm settling into having some more time since my classes are done. It's been relaxing; I've been using the time to go foraging wild foods often. One evening I was at peace in the blackberry patch for an hour as I picked a quart of berries. This activity is quite soothing; unless one wants to get ripped up by the thorns, one must concentrate, move slowly, and act deliberately.

-I received my test score for the test from the German class I took. I got a 73%, which is apparently "satisfactory." If it were a normal uni class, I would think that is quite a bad grade but I was in the top four scores of the students taking the test. None of that even matters since I only take the classes for funsies and general knowledge at this point. I had a major difficulty on the test because two of the recordings were so garbled that no one taking the test could really understand them and on another section, the instructions were very unclear. It's frustrating to do poorly on a test because of problems with the test design, not one's lack of knowledge. Oh well.

-I rode the Autofreies Lautertal path today; it's where the B270 closes between Kaiserslautern and Lauterecken for bikers and roller bladers. I went with a new acquaintance and we enjoyed the ride. I did have to convince my companion that we should take the train back with our bikes. The route was 34 kilometers just one way and I didn't have a lot of steam left to go back the way we came. I'm not sore tonight after the ride so I'm crossing my fingers that this theme continues tomorrow.

-My friend from Munich surprised me with a nice visit. We went out to dinner.


  1. I was on the Autofrei path yesterday also. I think it would have been nicer to bike it, but I walked as far as I could get in 45 minutes and then walked back.