Wednesday, July 22, 2015

German ist nicht so scary!

This gave me a giggle.


  1. Ha! Thanks for sharing that! I get so tired of people sending me the "how awful German sounds..." video. Yeah, yeah, seen it 50 times. ANY language sounds nasty when shouted. This is a fitting response. :-)

  2. It definitely gave me a great case of the giggles. Most Germans don't go around screeching German, that's for sure! If anything, I was quite surprised at how many French words were in it.

    Speaking about the French influence: I met a German guy who was so funny. He was talking about how French people speak German. The people he met were basically speaking French with German words. I was amused because I've seen that too. Of course, I'm not one to talk because I feel as if I sound more American when I speak German than when I speak English, if that makes sense. I sound like a female version of John Wayne or something. I'm starting work on trying to ditch my accent now that I'm becoming more fluent. That will take a long time though!