Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meze dinner success!

I had three friends over for dinner on Saturday and pulled together a tasty dinner of Lebanese-influenced meze, light appetizers. I made so many of them that there was no threat of leaving the diners hungry, for sure!

Here are the delicious, fresh dishes we ate:

Falafel (bought from Vitamingarten)
Lebanese salad
Red beet hummus
Fresh veggies for dipping
Homemade pita chips (sorry, Stacy, but mine are so much better ;)
Tzatziki sauce
Spargel strawberry salad (this is German)
Hugo cocktails
Unsweetened iced tea (I'm a Northerner so we don't ruin it with boatloads of sugar ;)

With the exception of the tzatziki and falafel, I made everything else from scratch and dang was it delicious! I impressed myself, especially since I'm not a person with domestic skillz. My friends enjoyed everything, but didn't talk too much during the meal. They were too busy chewing. All in all, it was a success and we enjoyed one another's company and a very fresh, summery dinner.

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