Friday, July 11, 2014

A strange juxtoposition at the Bremerhof

The Bremerhof is a restaurant in the forest on the south side of Kaiserslautern. It's a lovely place to stop for a drink after a hike to the Humbergturm or after biking, semi-lost in the surrounding woods, for three hours (not that I have experience with the last situation, of course).

I stopped by the restroom and noticed a vending machine. I can't call it a roadside one, per se, since it's inside, but I'll certainly tag it as such. Anyway, it was filled with lighters in Easter shapes! I'm not sure if it's a fantastic or unwise idea. Since it's up high out of reach of children, I think it's a reasonably good idea. Who knew that one could buy an Easter egg lighter? I wonder if the Easter bunny also brings Easter cancer sticks* too? I was amused by the strange shapes and bought one for myself and received a lighter shaped like a bowtie.

*erm, I mean cigarettes

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